At True Digital you are in expert hands. 

Your brand campaigns are executed by a team of strategists who were guided carefully and expertly trained by the Facebook advertising department.

They currently work day to day inside Facebook and apply this knowledge to your campaigns. With years of experience in all aspects of digital campaign management, the team at True Digital will expertly establish, scale and optimize –  providing your brand with the highest ROAS.


Alexa H. Davis

Over the last decade she has founded two respected and industry leading SAAS- (Software as a Service)- model technology companies. 18 years of sales, technology, digital know how guide her role as CEO. The digital marketplace evolution demands more effective global brand strategy.


Digital Moves Fast  

Unparalleled growth in digital means your brand must choose very carefully.  10+ years of experience executing ad campaigns means our team understands how Facebook thinks while operating within the boundaries of platform best practices.W

What We Value

Innovators, Entrepreneurial Leadership, Big Thinkers

We value each experience we have with new brands. Our commitment to you is that we carefully earn our clients trust and we work hard to build proven and profitable relationships for the long-term.

What You Will Learn

There Are Far Too Many Imposters In Today's Digital Economy

We don't boast about our results. But we are very proud of our accomplishments. We carefully select each new client and we operate with integrity. Our goal is to work with partners who share our core values and beliefs.


Every moment in digital leads us to a new revelation. Rules change, audiences evolve. At True Digital your brand is in the hands of experts in the ad industry. We look at how you are operating cross channel and we only make decision backed by accurate and proven data. True Digital strategies ensure you brand is always optimized and profitable.